World AG Expo Feb 12-14, 2019 USA - TOSIBOX
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World AG Expo Feb 12-14, 2019 USA

Agriculture and IoT meet at World Ag Expo, booth U41

World Ag Expo is the world’s largest annual agricultural exposition. More than 1,500 exhibitors display the latest in farm equipment, communications and technology on 2.6 million square feet of exhibit space. As agriculture is a business that widely utilizes IIoT, Tosibox is natural part of the exposition. With modular TOSIBOX® technology, you can build and manage a secure IoT infrastructure in minutes. The TOSIBOX® IoT ecosystem can be tailored according to your company needs.

Meet us at booth U41, together with our manufacturer Rep Contour Motion. Bill Behn, responsible for Sales in North America, is present at the event and ready to tell you more about our patented solution.

Tosibox enables secure remote control and maintenance for industrial automation

Valmetal is the largest North America farm equipment manufacturer. Valmetal was looking for a solution to access their systems remotely to connect to the PLCs, HMIs and VFDs of their system. Read here how TOSIBOX® technology improves Valmetal operations and brand advancements.

Reference case Valmetal

”TOSIBOX® is a dream-come-true for our automation and service teams,” said Alexandre Beland, Control & Design Engineer at Valmetal.

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Bill Behn

Sales, North America

+1 478 419 8674 / +1 678 478 5056