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Our world is changing and digitalizing constantly bringing new business opportunities and enabling servitization. At the same time, this brings requirements for data access, data management and security.

Whether your use case is remote access, access control, cybersecurity, data collection or OT network management – TOSIBOX Platform is a full Software as a Service (SaaS) solution. It fits for all industries and organizations, regardless the size of the OT network or number of connected devices – just subscribe what you need.

Decide where and how to use the data

Tosibox Platform

TOSIBOX is a unique, globally patented technology. It provides limitless possibilities to expand and power your business opportunities and growth by scaling up to your current and future needs.

TOSIBOX Platform is the OT Network solution that automates and enables highly secure data flow between your operational applications, machines, and their users. Easy to use TOSIBOX Plug and Go automation enables the fastest time to market and two-way connectivity – you just need to decide where and how to use the data. 

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5G Accelerates Digital Transformation

5G provides speed and stability. Tosibox provides the cybersecurity and scalability.
LFC available in marketplaces

Tosibox´s Solution for Edge and Embedded devices - Available now in Marketplaces

TOSIBOX® Lock for Container is solution is an easy-to-implement software solution that brings secure connectivity to any embedded device in various use cases.
Customer Success Stories
Customer Success Stories

Control systems integrator reaps the benefits of secure connectivity for remote maintenance and support

DB Control & HVAC Services started investigating the market for remote maintenance solutions. TOSIBOX® technology was included, not only to see how easy and manageable it was for their business, but also how they could translate TOSIBOX connectivity into value for the clients and potential business deals moving into the future.