Empowering Businesses with Secure, Seamless, and Simplified Network Connectivity

The Tosibox Platform helps you to digitalize and servitize your operational technology (OT) services by creating a cybersecure network infrastructure, regardless of the complexity of your environment.

Our solution enables 24/7 business operations globally, improving cost efficiency and providing reporting and auditing related to your service operations. Solution key use cases are:

  • Data collection and data flow management,
  • Remote access and AI-driven operations,
  • Access and role management,
  • Network segmentation and firewalling

We enable you to visualize and report on your network infrastructure. Our Comprehensive Software as a Service (SaaS) solution simplifies your business. You always own the data and decide on data routing.

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Do it easily.

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The patented Tosibox Plug & Go connectivity takes you out of the box and into readiness in minutes.

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Do it automatically.

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Solutions that take care of connectivity, firewall settings, updates, recoveries, authentications, and more all automatically.

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Do it cybersecurely.

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Always secure, point-to-point VPN connectivity with multifactor authentication, data encryption, and on-site firewall automation.

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Hear what our Customers are saying:

We trust Tosibox and their built-in cybersecurity. The way they have set up their SOC 2 environment gives us the power to service our customers with exactly what they need.


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The additional strengths of Tosibox, in addition to its high information security, are extremely easy implementation and management. In addition, its use from the end-user perspective is very simple, even though end-users often do not have extensive IT skills.

The Senior Service Manager

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The secure point to point connections provided by Tosibox allows us to push our products internationally because we can support them remotely.

General Director

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Building automation is a small part of building maintenance. Thanks to Tosibox, we can now focus on core activities rather than constantly troubleshooting connection problems.

The Property Manager

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We are pleased to be able to set new standards for the simple and secure remote maintenance of our customers' dosing and filling systems with the proven Tosibox technology.

Project Manager

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Tosibox saves us the headache of heavily involving the IT department. Traditional IT solutions require more people and training to deploy, maintain and access assets in the network. You can train field employees how to use Tosibox in minutes.

Director of Operational Technology

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Safeguarding Critical OT environments with Purpose-Built Cybersecurity Platform.

We are bringing your data strategy to life. Book a demo from us to discover, how Tosibox can enhance your digital transformation journey.

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