v5.5.2 (Lock 500iF) - release date 2024-05-15


  • Support for GNSS on Lock 500iF

v5.5.1 (Lock 150/210/250/500, Tosibox 175/350/375/610/650/670/675/695) - release date 2024-04-29


  • Added two new UI settings when Prevent Internet access from LAN and SERVICE port is enabled
    • Enable DNS queries to Lock's DNS server <enabled by default>

    • Enable NTP queries to Internet on port 123


  • Resolved issue where 175 or 600-series devices could become non-responsive when online for extensive amount of time
  • Resolved issue where LAN device list was not seen in Key when HTTPS for Web UI was enabled


v5.5.0 (Lock 150/210/250/500, Tosibox 175/350/375/610/650/670/675/695) - release date 2024-03-27


  • Modbus support. See more on Helpdesk article “How to use the Modbus
  • Https login for web UI using self-signed certificate
  • Status page WLAN section displays more information

-  “WLAN in Access Point mode” or “WLAN in Client mode”

- Name of the connected network

  • Node will always reboot automatically after any firmware update from now on
  • Cellular module firmware update capability for Tosibox 670 and 675 NAM variants (TBL670US and TBL675US)
  • Confirmation is asked when clicking Disable modem button
  • Node has a new favicon


v5.4.0 (Lock 150/210/250/500, Tosibox 175/350/375/610/650/670/675/695) - release date 2024-01-29

  • Tosibox 350/375 product launch


  • Internet connection fallback support in Client Mode. With this feature the Node is able to switch to WAN, WLAN client or cellular connectivity when the LAN internet becomes unavailable, and revert to LAN connectivity when internet is restored. See more on Helpdesk article "How to change the Lock to Client mode".
  • Node sends status and many of its settings to TosiControl for monitoring
  • Status page Internet Connection field has been split into two separate fields;
  •          - Internet Connection - indication if connectivity to public Internet working
            - Tosibox Cloud - indication if connectivity to Tosibox services is working. This field shows the same status that Internet Connection field previously displayed
  • When "Prevent VPN access from Internet" setting is enabled, Tosibox Cloud field on the Status page shows "Offline - Remote VPN access disabled" to indicate connectivity to Tosibox Cloud is blocked
  • "Prevent VPN access from Internet" setting description is clarified to indicate that connectivity to Tosibox Cloud is blocked with this setting
  • Confirmation was added to "Restore default settings"
  • Copy to clipboard button was added to copy the generated Remote Matching Code
  • Bugfixes
  • Changed the cellular signal level LED indication logic on the Tosibox 670, 675, 695 faceplate to light up LEDs only when SIM card is also inserted
  • Resolved issue where DNS queries coming from LAN devices to the Tosibox Node were relayed to public DNS servers even if "Prevent Internet access from LAN and SERVICE port" setting was on resulting in isolated LAN networks having potential security issue in the form of leaking DNS queries.
  • Resolved issue where enabled service port indication was not displayed on the Status page on Tosibox 610, 650, 670, 675
  • Resolved CVE-1999-0524. It is no longer possible to determine remote system time using ICMP type 13 request
  • v5.3.0 (Lock 150/210/250/500, Tosibox 175/610/650/670/675/695) - release date 2023-10-09
  • Tosibox 695 product launch
  • Login page supports rate limiting, login is prevented after 10 invalid attempts for 10 minutes
  • User can choose to display login password as asterisks or plain text
  • Password maximum length is now 128 characters
  • Password complexity is enforced
  •                      - Password must contain an integer
                         - Password must contain an upper case character
                         - Password must contain a lower case character
                         - Password length must be between 8-128 characters
                         - Password can contain special characters
                         - Password is tested against a black list of commonly known weak passwords
                         - Space is not allowed
                         - Unicode characters such as emojis, kanjis and Cyrillic are not accepted
  • Network device list are now clickable web links opening the configured web service
  • Resolved some rare faults in internal modem use
  • Resolved SMS sending issues with digital I/O on certain network operators
  • Resolved minor bugs in user interface
  • Removed support for Blowfish cipher
  • v5.2.1 (Lock 150/210/250/500, Tosibox 175/610/650/670/675) - release date 2023-08-03
  • Added support for sending the LAN device list information to TosiControl for further management
  • Added ability to configure LAN device path for the http(s) service. Requires Key 3.3.0 support.
  • Remote Support tunnel cannot be kept open indefinitely anymore. When enabling the Remote Support timeout must be selected. After update Remote Support will be open for 30 days before being closed.
  • Used VPN connection protocol is displayed in the user interface, either relayed TCP or direct UDP
  • Node will now automatically reboot if required during manual software update, reboot button click is not needed
  • Fix where software update can fail over WLAN client connection
  • Fix for internal modem issue where wrong SIM card can be shown active in the user interface
  • Updated the underlaying OS with the latest patches and fixes
  • Many bug fixes and security improvements as usual

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