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Are you passionate about solving industrial automation problems like cyber security, connectivity, remote access, and maintenance, or data collection? Look no further – we're here to help you become a trusted security partner in your vertical and area.

Our Tosibox Channel Resellers specialize in selecting the most secure, automated, and cost-efficient product solutions and technologies for end-customers.

And we're constantly on the lookout for new resellers and distributors worldwide who share our commitment to innovation and excellence. Join us on this journey and let's work together to solve today's industrial automation challenges.

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System Integrators


Tosibox is the clear choice for System Integrators who are looking to solve customer problems, leverage systems for data-driven organizations, and grow their integrator service offerings.

Our solutions enable recurring revenue streams and are designed to answer customer requests. With Tosibox, System Integrators can improve their solution offerings with automated cybersecurity in a cost-efficient way.

Whether you're selling your solution to an end-client or delivering a continuous service, Tosibox offers you the best model to develop your service production. Join us and take your System Integration services to the next level!

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OEM Partners


Did you know that TOSIBOX® technology can easily be integrated as a part of your solution? As an OEM partner, you can fulfill your offering by embedding and integrating Tosibox technology into your products.

This way, your end-customer can enjoy the benefits that our platform provides, such as remote access and monitoring, data collection, and troubleshooting.

By integrating our technology into your OEM technology, you can add new services and value to your offering. Let's work together to find out how we can help you reach this goal!

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Your Gateway to Growth

Unlock Cross Selling, Lead Generation, Marketing and SEO Programs, to enable scalable and recurring business models with easy deployment.




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Our Silver Partner level is the easy way to kickstart your partnership with us. Submit the enrolment form and let’s start to build-up a success story together.


Being a Gold Partner, our cybersecure Tosibox Platform enables scalable and recurring business models with easy deployment. By becoming a part of the Tosibox growth story, you help your customers to automate the next-generation OT networks.

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Platinum Partners are built on a trusted, long-lasting relationship with Tosibox. Our Platinum Partners achieve the best discounts, advanced sales, and marketing resources, remembering to get the highest value from automation, ease, usability, scalability, affordability, and cybersecurity.

Hear what our Partners have to say:

Tosibox helps us reach more customers by providing focus, expertise, sales & marketing support, and tools to empower our sales team to position Tosibox correctly and use demos to drive sales.

Connectivity Product Manager

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We have other products in our range that also have a VPN solution, but where a fairly high level of competence is required to create the same function. We therefore see that Tosibox will bring a wider customer group where we can fulfill requests for a flexible and light product for secure VPN solutions.

Commercial Manager

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Thanks to Tosibox, we can propose to our customers the easiest remote access and the biggest scalability in the market with the highest security levels

Product Manager

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By incorporating Tosibox's connectivity solutions into our building automation platforms, we can offer our customers enhanced connectivity, security, and sustainability. This collaboration enables us to provide comprehensive and future-proof building automation solutions that drive operational efficiency and occupant comfort.

GM Partner Solutions

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Tosibox has given our partners the ability to securely service buildings with ease. Their platform reduces the building owners’ risk for cyber security attacks and boosts efficiency by allowing remote access to servicing notifications, eliminating multiple service trips.

Director of Products & Marketing

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The answer to “why choose Tosibox” is the same as it was already ten years ago for us; secure and easy remote connection to all kinds of internet connections, from small 1:1 - up to full scalable applications - Tosibox has the right solution for all.


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Tosibox gives customers a straightforward solution with high functionality and top-notch security for a fair price, and this is exactly what we want to be able to offer to our customers.

Product Manager

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Tosibox's technical solution is precisely what our customers are looking for. The simple commissioning, stable operation, and high level of security mean that we are constantly gaining new customers. Tosibox also offers a high level of support.

Division Manager / Communication products

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