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Added value connectivity

Tosibox® Lock for Container serves as an endpoint for secure remote connections in various use cases. It empowers a simple and standard-compliant installation where you can connect an unlimited number of devices you need to manage or access. 

The solution works with any combination of Tosibox® Nodes and Keys and any Industry 4.0 or IIoT initiatives, enabling easy and fast extension of networks. Communication throughput is limited only by network connection.

Global connectivity

Integrate and manage all your devices

Tosibox® Lock for Container enables cyber secure remote access supporting layer 3 connectivity. It can run behind NAT and in firewalled networks without interfering with the operating system level processes or middleware.

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Tosibox Docker Hub

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Siemens Industrial Edge

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WAGO Docker Hub

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TOSIBOX® Lock for Container technical data

Product Code: TBLFC2

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  • Any 64-bit Linux OS supported by Docker and Docker Engine - Community v20 or later installed and running (www.docker.com)
  • Docker Compose
  • Linux kernel version 4.9 or later
  • Full functionality requires certain kernel modules related to IP tables
  • Any 64-bit Windows OS with WSL2 enabled (Windows Subsystem for Linux v2)
  • Installation requires sudo or root level user rights


  • 50 MB RAM
  • 50 MB hard disk space
  • ARM 32-bit or 64-bit, Intel or AMD 64-bit dual core processor
  • Internet connection


  • Patented Tosibox connection method
  • PKI with 3072-bit RSA key
  • Compatible with all TOSIBOX® devices and products
  • Uses remote matching for joining your Tosibox secured network
  • Uses device firewall for security
  • Tosibox software separated from system software


  • Serves as an endpoint for TOSIBOX® secure VPN tunnel
  • Two-way VPN connections to/from Virtual Central Lock
  • One-way VPN connection from TOSIBOX® Key
  • Works in all Internet connections (operator independent)
  • Supports HTTP proxy servers with and without authentication
  • Works with dynamic, static and private IP addresses
  • Up to 2 concurrent VPN connections
    VPN throughput limited only by network connection
  • NAT for routes
  • Layer 3 connections
  • LAN access if supported by the device


  • Packed with Tosibox web UI for remote configuration


  • Outbound TCP: 80, 443, 8000, 57051
  • Outbound UDP: random, 1-65535
  • Inbound: none

For FAQ´s and technical support go to Tosibox Global Support
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