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Patented technology with 100% automation

Our patented automation helps eliminate human error saving time and money while building, maintaining, and expanding your OT network environment.

Our patented technology ensures the highest security and instant connectivity with no 3rd party cloud routing or static IP addresses needed.

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Certified Cyber Security

Tosibox is ISO27001 certified, underlining the importance we place on protecting customers´ data.

Platform security is based on automated firewall settings and point-to-point VPN technology with 256 Bit AES data encryption. Tosibox Platform supports Layer 2 and layer 3 routing functions and protocols.

More information available at our Security Center.

Cyber security and data

You own the data

Tosibox Platform is data agnostic and secure. We can transfer any data to any environment without opening your environment to cyber security risks.

The Platform automatically routes data traffic between your operational applications, machines, and users. You own the data – we enable the flow.

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Global connectivity2

Global Connectivity

Global security infrastructure ensures full automation in connectivity. TOSIBOX® Plug & Go™ connection method takes you out of the box and into use in minutes, without the need for software installations or complicated network configurations.

Connectivity automation ensures secure authentication, auto-recover, automated firewall settings, and security upgrades.

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Digitize and automate your world with Tosibox

OT network solution to fit your needs

The Tosibox OT network management platform connects people, edge connectivity, and centralized data points with its scalable components.

For users

Nodes for sites

For management


Tosibox Platform solves today’s most common problems in building your OT infrastructure: Cost, Complexity and Cyber Security.

Tosibox Platform offers two subscription models, “Full Subscription” and “Hybrid” - subscribe to only what you need. Contact sales to learn more.

You can add all users and devices to your Tosibox Platform for remote maintenance, continuous monitoring, real-time data collection, and data logging. The solution enables you to manage and grant access rights to your operational systems from a single point, effortlessly with no needed IT skills. We will take care of hosting the OT network management platform, so you have all the control, privacy, and flexibility of an on-premises OT network without the hosting headache.

The modular and scalable Tosibox technology offers unlimited expandability and flexibility from remote access to real-time monitoring and data collection. The Tosibox OT network management platform allows you to get real-time data, regardless of time and place, which facilitates quicker and better data-driven decision making.

The Tosibox OT network management platform addresses cyber security in every step. The network secures your sites, identifies the users, and encrypts all the traffic within the network. You don’t have to worry about security updates as they are always kept up to date.

The Tosibox OT network management platform is future-proof and scales with your present and future business opportunities. Whether your use case is remote access, access control, cybersecurity, data collection or OT network management – Tosibox interoperates globally with everything. Unlimited scalability makes it possible to continue to add sites, devices and users to your OT network as your business grows.

You can start with a hybrid subscription and grow your Tosibox Platform with your selected options, or choose an all-in subscription. Our all-in subscription model includes everything as a service, even the hardware components.

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