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Safeguarding Critical OT environments with Purpose-Built Cybersecurity Platform

Building your Operational Technology (OT) infrastructure can be challenging, particularly due to cost, complexity, and cybersecurity concerns. Tosibox offers a robust solution that addresses these issues by providing a secure, seamless, and simplified way to establish, maintain, and develop your OT network environment.

The Tosibox Platform stands out as a comprehensive and automated cybersecurity framework tailored for OT networks and infrastructure. It's highly scalable, catering to a wide range of requirements from individual users and single devices to extensive enterprise-level OT networks, connecting hundreds to thousands of users, devices, and sites. 

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What is Tosibox Platform and How it works?

Tosibox Platfom consists of modular components that offer unlimited expandability and flexibility. All components are not only compatible with each other but also internet connection, operator, and device agnostic. The solution works in both, internal and external networks, and you can seamlessly connect modern IoT devices and legacy systems. 

TOSIBOX® Node is an industry router or a software sharing access to devices.

TOSIBOX® Key is a client used to access the network.

TOSIBOX® HUB is the platform for OT network and access rights management.

TosiControl  is a web-based user interface that helps visually manage your network, configurations, and users with associated keys.

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TOSIBOX® HUB Transforms Days of Work into Minutes

The TOSIBOX® HUB transforms your Tosibox ecosystem into a streamlined OT network with always-on VPN connections, facilitating remote maintenance, continuous monitoring, real-time data collection, and data logging.

As a virtual solution, TOSIBOX® HUB can be seamlessly deployed in your office network, top cloud services like AWS or Azure, or any location of your choice.

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Your gateway to enhanced OT network management - TosiControl

With TosiControl, users can easily manage their network by visualizing it and selecting configurations for customer-maintained Tosibox devices and keys, as well as managing users.

Key features:

- A user-friendly web-based interface
- Complete visibility across the network
- Streamlined management of organizations, users, and roles

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You Own the Data, We Enable the Secure Flow

Tosibox Platform excels in secure, data-agnostic transfers, seamlessly moving any data to any environment sans exposing it to cybersecurity threats. Leveraging automated firewall configurations and robust point-to-point VPN technology, it ensures utmost security with 256-bit AES data encryption. Furthermore, the platform adeptly supports both Layer 2 and Layer 3 routing functionalities and protocols.

Tosibox is ISO27001 certified, underlining the importance we place on protecting customers´ data. 

More information available at our Security Center.