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Tosibox’s Roadmap to NIS2 Compliance

WEBINAR: From Basics to Advanced: Tosibox’s Roadmap to NIS2 Compliance

As regulations evolve, so does the landscape of network security. With implementing the NIS2 Directive, understanding and preparing for compliance has never been more crucial. Tosibox invites you to an enlightening webinar designed to guide you through the complexities of NIS2 compliance and provide practical strategies on how Tosibox can simplify the process.

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(Recorded May 23, 2024)

Cybersecurity in Industrial Automation Networks

Join us for this session that delves into crucial strategies safeguarding your machines and OT networks against cyber threats. Explore proactive measures and industry insights to fortify your automation systems.

Webinar recorded February 7, 2024

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Introducing the 300-series!

We are constantly developing our products based on the feedback from our customers and partners. We are thrilled to introduce new multi-functional Plug & Go™ connectivity devices - TOSIBOX® 350 and TOSIBOX® 375 that meets explicitly the industrial form factor requirements.

If you want to learn more immediately - please check our exclusive on-demand webinar (recorded January 17th, 2024) as we unveiled the new TOSIBOX® 300-series. Additionally, you will learn more about the TOSIBOX® 695 - our first 5G device - and get an overview of the Tosibox Platform. *Please notice that Tosibox 350 is CE and FCC certified. Tosibox 375 and Tosibox 695 are CE certified and available currently only in European markets. Watch the webinar

How to ensure your critical infrastructure data security? (in Finnish)

Presentation at Teknologia 2023 in Helsinki, Finland: Kuinka varmistat kriittisen infrastruktuurin tietoturvan?

We had a presentation about "How to secure your critical infrastructure data security" at Teknologia 2023 in Helsinki, Finland.

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Please notice that this presentation is in Finnish. 

(Recorded November 9, 2023)

Ensure the safety of your critical infrastructure - but how?

Webinar: Ensure the safety of your critical infrastructure - but how?

As a company in the field of critical infrastructure, it is crucial to protect networks and data from possible cyber attacks.

At this webinar, we will show various examples how our patented technology helps you to protect your OT network in a fully automated way. 

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(Recorded March 23, 2023)

Building Automation - Connecting and Securing the Digital Built Space

Tosibox automates networking and cybersecurity for the built-space, allowing systems integrators (SI) to securely connect customer buildings to an SI owned, digital ecosystem.

Secure remote access, multi-tenant supervisors, energy monitoring and optimization - just a few examples of digital platforms SIs have built with Tosibox infrastructure.




Secure, Automated Networks   Designed for Smart Manufacturing

Tosibox takes the best technologies from traditional IT and automates them specifically for Operational Technology (OT). Eliminate cost, complexity, and cybersecurity risks by building your critical infrastructure with an OT dedicated tool.

Watch our 3 minute introduction video to learn more!

Secure, Automated Networks Designed for Oil, Gas, and Energy

Simplify OT network creation through automation. Watch our 5 minute video and learn how the Tosibox Platform has taken all of the complexity of traditional networking tools and automated them in 10 seconds.