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Product Code: TBSKL1

TOSIBOX® SoftKey is a  software that enables a secure connection between your computer and one or more TOSIBOX® Nodes, giving you full visibility and control over the network devices connected to the Node.

TOSIBOX® SoftKey complies with the high security standards set for all TOSIBOX® products. The SoftKey is created according to the same safe procedures as for hardware Keys. The SoftKey is also computer- and user-specific i.e. it cannot be copied over or moved to another device.

To activate SoftKey on a PC or Mac, you will need a SoftKey license for the Master Key – please contact our sales to purchase one.

Download Software installation for PC here
Download Software installation for MAC here

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For FAQ´s and technical support go to Tosibox Support
Or download our User manual


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Download Software installation for PC here
Download Software installation for MAC here


  • TOSIBOX® SoftKey can also be installed into cloud services and virtual environments.

  • TOSIBOX® SoftKey can be created and access rights can be granted immediately even from the other side of the world. The SoftKey works without a physical TOSIBOX® Key device. The SoftKey corresponds to a Sub Key that is controlled via a physical Master Key, and therefore it cannot be used to create more keys or Mobile Clients.

  • TOSIBOX® SoftKey can be used also in computers that do not have an USB port or where the use of USB devices is tricky.

  • Each Tosibox system must have at least one physical TOSIBOX® Key (Master Key) that is used to take Tosibox Nodes into use. In addition, creating a back-up key is recommended. Apart from these, all other keys can be SoftKeys. A Master Key user can always revoke access rights from a SoftKey – just like with all other Sub Keys and Mobile Clients.

  • Both TOSIBOX® SoftKey software and physical TOSIBOX® Key devices can be used on the same computer.

  • Two-factor authentication is fulfilled also with SoftKey: device-specific (something in your possession) and password-protected (something only you know).

  • TOSIBOX® SoftKey is supported on any operating system that the TOSIBOX® Key is supported on.

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