Platform user signing into OT network

The variety of signing in

Tosibox Platform users can sign into your platform and engage your networks in many ways. The TOSIBOX® Key is physical token, TOSIBOX® SoftKey is a software code, and TOSIBOX® Mobile Client is a mobile app for Android or iOS.

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Access the way you need

Typically, the TOSIBOX® Key is used by a platform administrator or in use cases where physical security is needed. The TOSIBOX® Key combined with the password enables physical-first two-factor authentication for the user.

The TOSIBOX® SoftKey is bound to workstation and user accounts. Like the physical key, the SoftKey provides Layer 2 or Layer 3 access for OT network engineers and technicians giving full visibility and control over the network devices they have been granted rights to.

The TOSIBOX® Mobile Client is an easy-to-use app for your Android or Apple device. It gives you the same user rights as the TOSIBOX® Software key – just use it conveniently wherever you are.

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Scalable user management

Tosibox Platform scales from a one user environment to enterprise level OT infrastructure with hundreds or even thousands of users - including administrators, subordinate users or users who just needs to manage one certain device.

Tosibox Platform is your solution when you need to manage global OT networks effectively, manage access roles and groups or manage time-based access while securing data, enable OT networks in different locations, integrate IT and OT networks, and have multifactor authentication (MFA) for all users.

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