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TOSIBOX® Mobile Client Privacy Policy

We respect your right to privacy and therefore we do not collect any personally identifiable information from any users of the product and service. All data that you transfer over the TOSIBOX® VPN connection is strongly encrypted and we do not read, share, or sell any of this data.

The TOSIBOX® Mobile Client application requires camera access for the sole purpose of reading a QR code. The camera data is processed only locally to obtain the QR code and it is not stored or shared in any way.

In order to provide you a secure and smooth products and services, we do collect some technical information such as:

  • Your device’s public IP address, the type and properties of your Internet connection
  • Your device’s operating system and its version
  • Metadata about connections between your TOSIBOX® products and devices

The collected data is stored only for a limited time that is necessary to fulfil the above purposes.