Return Merchandise Authorization Process

Please, check your product warranty from our Warranty Terms.

If the product is under warranty, you can request a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number from Tosibox by contacting us via email Please use "RMA request" as a subject.

The form should be primarily filled in by the representative who has bought the products from Tosibox (End customers should deal with the representative, i.e. the place of purchase).

Please notice that with one link, you can only report one RMA product. In the case of multiple products, you will get multiple links.

Tosibox Customer Support checks the form and investigates the case. It is always preferred if the issue can be handled otherwise, e.g., with remote support or a Maintenance Gateway Lock.

If a return is the only option, an RMA number will be sent to the Customer. The customer will send back the device to Tosibox with the RMA number at its own cost.

Tosibox Customer Support investigates the defective product and decides to repair or replace it. A new device or repaired device will be sent back to the Customer by Tosibox cost.

Any shipment received without a valid RMA number will not be processed, and Tosibox is not liable for any costs incurred.