Introduction to TOSIBOX® solution

  • What is a TOSIBOX® Key and a TOSIBOX® Lock (Node) and what do I do with them
  • Introduction and demo to TOSIBOX® Plug & Go technology
  • Understanding point-to-point connection


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Scalable and modular TOSIBOX solution

  • How TOSIBOX solution works with multiple Keys and Locks (Nodes)
  • Easy access and user management
  • Understanding 1:n relation
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Create your own OT network with TOSIBOX

  • Introduction and the benefits of TOSIBOX® Hub
  • Temporary network access and access groups
  • Understanding always-on connection



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Connecting your IT and OT networks

  • Introduction to the TOSIBOX® Hub on premises and on cloud
  • Network interface to local IT




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Watch the recording of Cybersecurity webinar held 05-19-22

Global events are threatening operational network security. The CISA and DHS have created the Pipeline Cybersecurity Initiative (PCI) to implement cybersecurity best practices in the Oil & Gas sector. Although this initiative was originally focused on the midstream space, this is also a pre-emptive notice for upstream and downstream organizations.

Go and register to watch our webinar and learn what are your recommended steps to protect your operational infrastructure.