Building Automation - Connecting and Securing the Digital Built Space

Tosibox automates networking and cybersecurity for the built-space, allowing systems integrators (SI) to securely connect customer buildings to an SI owned, digital ecosystem.

Secure remote access, multi-tenant supervisors, energy monitoring and optimization - just a few examples of digital platforms SIs have built with Tosibox infrastructure.


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Secure, Automated Networks   Designed for Smart Manufacturing

Tosibox takes the best technologies from traditional IT and automates them specifically for Operational Technology (OT). Eliminate cost, complexity, and cybersecurity risks by building your critical infrastructure with an OT dedicated tool.

Watch our 3 minute introduction video to learn more!

Secure, Automated Networks Designed for Oil, Gas, and Energy

Simplify OT network creation through automation. Watch our 5 minute video and learn how the Tosibox Platform has taken all of the complexity of traditional networking tools and automated them in 10 seconds.


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Available webinar recordings from 2022

Cybersecurity Compliance and Solutions for all Industries

Global Events Are Threatening Operational Network Security

The CISA and DHS have created an Initiative for cybersecurity best practices. This applies to all industries, all sectors, because all entities are vulnerable to attacks. Traditional tools, like ethernet radios or IoT gateways with public facing IPs, web-based remote desktop access, or manually configured IT networks leave critical systems vulnerable.

Learn how to stay ahead of these threats. We will teach you how to implement these recommendations and stay ahead of the cybersecurity threats in quick and simple steps. Cybersecurity does not have to be difficult.

Register to see the recording of the webinar. 

(Recorded May 24th, 2022)

Cybersecurity - best practices in the Oil&Gas sector

Global events are threatening operational network security. The CISA and DHS have created the Pipeline Cybersecurity Initiative (PCI) to implement cybersecurity best practices in the Oil & Gas sector. Although this initiative was originally focused on the midstream space, this is also a pre-emptive notice for upstream and downstream organizations.

Go and register to watch our webinar and learn what are your recommended steps to protect your operational infrastructure.

(Recorded May 19th, 2022)

Cybersecurity in Industrial Automation Networks (in Finnish)

WEBINAR: Tosibox & UTU Automation - Cybersecurity in Industrial Automation Networks

Learn how to secure the end-user data management, and how do you prevent potential cyberattacks on your devices? We will also present the latest Tosibox solutions together with our partner UTU Automation.

If you are interested in the topic, you can watch the recording after registration here.
Please notice that this webinar is in Finnish.

(Recorded September 21st, 2022)

Introducing: Tosibox & Novakon Cybersecure Embedded Solution

With Tosibox, Novakon brings easy-to-use, cybersecure embedded solution to the markets. Novakon´s Compact DIN-Rail Protocol Conversion Gateway GW-01 and HMI operator panel series integrated with Tosibox® Lock for Container serves as an endpoint for secure remote connections as well as the ability to access edge intelligence and applications. It empowers a simple and standard-compliant installation where you can connect an unlimited number of devices you need to manage or access.

We recently held a webinar about our Cybersecure embedded solution.
Did you missed the webinar? No worries - You can still have a look as we recorded our session. Link to see the webinar

(Recorded September 13th, 2022)