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Secure OT networks

Our world is changing and digitalizing constantly bringing new business opportunities and enabling servitization. At the same time, this brings requirements for data access, data management and security.

TOSIBOX® HUB turns your Tosibox ecosystem into a controlled OT network of always-on VPN connections for remote maintenance, continuous monitoring, real-time data collection and data logging.


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Introducing TosiControl - The New User Experience for the Tosibox Platform

TosiControl is the next generation user experience for the Tosibox Platform. Available now!

✔ New web based user interface
✔ Simplified way to manage organizations, users and roles
✔ Visibility over the entire network

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TosiControl ipad User management

Setting the new high standard for managing your OT network

TosiControl is a web based user interface what provides a new topological view of the entire organization network, visualizing relations between the components, users, sites, and more. This new control layer enables our customers to visualize and manage the network and users with associated keys.

It initially contains a mechanism to view the network structure, but it will evolve into being a situation-aware view of the network with enhanced ability to perform management and maintenance tasks.

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