Hundreds of thousands of OT networks are secured and powered by TOSIBOX cross the globe, and over 100s of million sensors, machines, assets, devices and their users are connected via our OT networking platform and supported with our services.

Our technology and solution are designed for controlling operational processes and accommodating multiple protocols and equipment interfaces. We are proud to deliver the most secure, the easiest and the fastest OT networking infrastructure on the market.


Tosibox use case with Wago PFC and edge devices

The key takeaways from the session are:

  • Understand the value of embedded cyber security
  • How to enable WAGO open Automation with TOSIBOX® technology by System Specialist Jens Sparmann from WAGO
  • Solving IT/OT convergence

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Data collection in building automation with TOSIBOX

Our guest for this session is an industry expert, Product Manager Risto Jernberg from Fidelix. Fidelix is a pioneer in smart building automation and indoor climate control. Fidelix’s products are developed, tested and working every day in demanding and extreme climate conditions in the Nordics. High expertise in BMS technologies is visible in solutions optimizing buildings energy costs, indoor climate and cost of operations.

The key takeaways from this session are:

  • Enhanced building automation security with built-in TOSIBOX® technology
  • Data based insight into property management


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