Update to ensure superior experience and security

At Tosibox, we constantly enhance the security of our products to offer a superior level of security.

To ensure your product runs with the latest features, improvements and bug fixes, we recommend always using the latest TOSIBOX® software. You can find more information about the Lock software releases here.


Why update

With the latest software version, you can be sure your TOSIBOX® solution stays up to date. There are many benefits in using the latest software version:

  • Minimize costs and increase productivity
    When your software is running at optimal speed and performance, it makes your employees’ work smoother. Ensuring software updates will even streamline the process for your employees. Save money by updating to the newest software version!
  • Maximize cyber security
    With software updates come regular security enhancements. Don’t miss out!
  • Ensure best user experience
    We all the time strive to improve our products. Our software updates come with all the latest features, improvements and bug fixes.

How to update

We recommend enabling automatic updates. This way, your TOSIBOX® Lock will check for updates at a specific time and install all available updates automatically.

You can also install updates manually.