Connectivity in municipalities

Collecting all the data you need

The Tosibox Platform allows for the collection of relevant data, the operation of urban assets and services, and the measurement of public security and local climate. It creates an integrable OT network that allows for the connection of those urban sensors and their corresponding data for your use, with full security always ensured.

The Tosibox Platform unboxes the data for you – you decide where, when, and how to utilize the data, regardless of the protocol.

Tosibox Platform

Smart cities physical security

Fast and user-friendly deployments

The Tosibox Platform can be fully tailored according to your needs. Our patented smart technology ensures that legacy hardware units and emerging Tosibox components and technologies are fully compatible. The unlimited growth potential and possibilities to scale up the number of users, applications, and end-point nodes makes the Tosibox Platform an invaluable long-term investment.

You can also grow your future-proof Platform from one unit or user to thousands, without altering or compromising your networks against any application you need to utilize while providing your services.

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